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Cindy J Cosmetic Labs, LLC is an innovation company that offers research and development services for cosmetic business owners. 

Our lab specializes in cosmetics and personal

care products. We have a strong knowledge-based cosmetic chemist with years of experience in the cosmetic industry onsite. Cindy J Cosmetic Labs focuses on delivering products that will benefit the customer and the target market. We plan to provide effective formulations and establish consumer understanding. The company’s mission is to become the best partner for customers and suppliers. We strive for growth, customer satisfaction and strong brand positioning.


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"The two liquid to matte lipsticks made by Cindy J Labs are amazing! I can apply just a little and it last for hours! The magenta is so subtle and matches my skin tone perfectly. It also keeps my lips moist and doesn't have a dry feeling. When I want a little "pop" I go for the magenta. When I'm feeling "natural" I use the nude. It doesn't show dry as some nudes may seem. I'm not a heavy makeup person but I am definitely satisfied with my lipsticks!"

-S. Brown

"This cleanser is gentle yet effective and leaves behind a subtle, refreshing fragrance. I loved the exfoliating beads that left my skin feeling smooth and soft; cleansing without stripping away moisture. My skin actually felt more moisturized after using the product! "

-M. Ray

“Usually, I would use a distributor’s brand of beard oil. Cindy J helped me innovate a beard oil that was custom to my needs but also cost effective. The chemist was patient yet excited about helping me launch my new beard oil. I was so glad I was referred to Cindy J. Thank you Cindy J. Thank you for helping me make my dreams into a reality!”

-D. Baker



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